Commit to the Joy of the Journey

On my spiritual journey, I had a few people open my Akashic Records. One practitioner was truly excellent, and so I enthusiastically enrolled with her to learn how to read the Records myself. That was in 2017. Of all the practices I’ve tried, I return to conversations with the Record Keepers. There’s a purity, love and universal wisdom in the Akasha. The guides routinely reveal new insights, often relaying the ideas in metaphor. Over time I come to understand the perspective they’re offering, bringing my understanding into alignment with the quantum nature of our reality. 

The guides are typically quite solemn when I open the Records for clients. But when I open my Records, they are frequently cheeky. Certainly they are loving with messages of divine wisdom. And they are also funny, raucous and playful. I was once mulling a professional choice, wondering what to do next. So I decided to consult the guides by opening my Akashic Records. Here’s the conversation that ensued:

Monica: “What do you think I should do?” 

Guides: “Well, we don’t.” 

[A long pause. Then I started laughing. And there was giggling all around. Be careful what you ask!]

Monica: “Ahhhh, right. You don’t think.”

Guides: “No…Thinking is distinctly human.” 

Monica: “Ok, fair. So how do you decide?”

Guides: “We commit to the joy of the journey.”

Commit, meaning to be steadfast, certain, unwavering. Joy, meaning there is always joy to be found – discovered by sensing its energy. And finally the emphasis on the journey, not the destination. You are clearly getting to your destination – that’s fait accompli. It is the journey, or rather the many possible journeys, that could get you there. By committing to the joy of the journey, you energetically choose a path of delight and abundance. 

And with those 8 words we embarked on a dialogue that transpired over several conversations. The guides shared how to energetically navigate a multi-dimensional, quantum universe. How to flow with intention. How to stop thinking. And start being. How to stop paddling. And start surfing. 

My conversations with the guides have been the sparks that have heightened my perception and transformed my understanding of how our world works. In fact, much of the content in the advanced Quantum Surfing courses was relayed to me in a series of conversations with the guides. By the third course in Quantum Surfing, you learn how to become a conscious creator. You experience a transformed perspective and masterful way of shaping life. By sustaining your connection to the web of consciousness and information network of the quantum field, you learn to fluidly navigate choppy and challenging conditions. 

I asked the guides for an explanation of the Akasha. Here’s what they said: “You may refer to it as the Akasha, an amorphous field giving rise to all that is. It’s a field of potential that is activated by the energies offered. Energies are thoughts, actions and emotions that draw out the corresponding potentials. Many people refer to the Akashic Records as a repository of past, present and future. But that is to understand the Akasha via the lens of linearity that dominates your thought structures. No future is predestined – they all exist, and you navigate along the path, or more accurately you experience the path, that is most consistent with the energy you offer.” 

If you feel drawn to explore the Akasha, hit “reply” and send me an email. I look forward to welcoming you to the unseen beauty of our world.

Monica Laurence is a Quantum Shaper, combining enlightenment principles with business strategies to drive success. After decades in Hollywood and Silicon Valley as a computer scientist, creative strategist and serial entrepreneur, Monica now coaches entrepreneurs for a winning mental game and standout leadership. She hosts visionaries at Tavola, her luxe private villa and venue for retreats, including her Stillness retreats to tap the wisdom of your inner knowing. Learn to be predictably lucky and join Monica’s community of inspired and trendsetting innovators by enrolling in her online masterclass, Quantum Surfing. Learn more about Monica at

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