“Is It Possible to be Predictably Lucky?"


Pam Harper is an internationally recognized keynote and TEDx speaker. She is Founding Partner & CEO of Business Advancement Inc. (BAI), a strategic growth advisory firm in the New York Metro area. Throughout her life, Pam has established a track record of finding the hidden opportunities in every situation and taking bold action to turn them into game-changing success. 

Scott Harper is Sr. Partner with BAI. He is devoted to helping leadership teams increase the strength and speed of connecting their innovative visions to actual business outcomes.

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“I love these lucky occurrences that just delight you. You weren’t looking for it, you know? Somewhere in your consciousness you would love for that event or serendipity to happen, but you weren’t making it happen. And then all of a sudden it just rolls on in. And it typically rolls on in with wonderful people, with exactly the right opportunity that fits for you right now. The idea of being in flow.”

"Playfulness is one of the most underrated qualities in a startup for success."


“When you’re engaging in lucky behaviors, you’re shifting the way you interact with the world around you. Take the example of being curious. Being curious means you’re open, you’re more sociable, you might smile, you’re engaged. Whereas if you’re not being curious you’re more withdrawn. So this is a difference in energy. But we don’t often think of energy because we’re not trained to think of it that way. But in the quantum world in which we all live, everything is energy and [...] you experience what’s in your reality based on whatever is a match for the energy that you offer.


I consider playfulness to be an accelerator of luck. It is really a superpower. Because it creates trust in teams, it creates greater bonds, it creates a sense of belonging, a sense of we’re in this together and we’re enjoying the experience as we bring to fruition this big vision. I think it was Richard Branson who said playfulness is one of the most underrated qualities in a startup for success.”

“How to be Predictably Lucky, Quantum Surfing, Applied Enlightenment, and more…”

Derek Loudermilk is a Quantum Business Coach and professional adventurer who works to bridge higher dimensional understanding with practical tools for everyday living and creating. He is the Founder of AdventureQuest Travel and Host of the Derek Loudermilk show.
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“Because we live in a highly technical society and we don’t have to rely on ourselves and our senses, we start to doubt whether or not they even exist. But when you go back and appreciate what these people were doing, how they honed their senses in such a practical and applied way to be able to navigate from one island to another simply by intuition, simply by these feelings and sensations and recognizing patterns, you say oh wow, we have this capability, it’s just that in our technological society we don’t use it so it atrophies, just like if you weren’t using a muscle.”

"I know I'm on a hero’s journey."


“I would almost call it miracle snooping [...] Let’s just assume that there’s a miracle happening and that I’m not seeing it because I don't have the right perspective so I'm just trying on different perspectives to see if I might find the miracle. That path actually unlocked for me new perspectives, new opportunities, it unlocked a sense of trust that while I may not understand why everything is unfolding the way it is, that there’s a rhyme and reason to how it’s unfolding. And that I can start to challenge myself to see the storyline behind how it’s unfolding.”


“If you trust that the overall arc of the story is one of a hero, then rather than get bogged down in the moments when you, the hero, are struggling, you say I know I'm on a hero’s journey. So let me just decipher the plot twist here. How is this plot twist that doesn’t align with how everything was going to work, how is this plot twist instead possibly a shortcut to what I most deeply desire.”

"How to be a Magnet for Luck!"


This episode is definitely one you don't want to miss. Monica opens up the interview by saying, "Having a chance at life is like winning the lottery every day."

In this interview, Monica and Emily chat about the traits that make someone predictably lucky and the things you can do at home to start attracting more luck. See you on the inside!

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Working in Silicon Valley tech startups, I was surrounded by people who are absolutely brilliant visionaries. In those years we worked side by side and so I really got to see how other people around me worked, their habits, their natural way of being. I got to observe who they were - not just who they were putting forth as their identity. And I got to watch how brilliant people conceptualize. What I noticed is that a lot of entrepreneurs have some type of flat spot, some type of learning difference, something that makes them not fit into the norm of the everyday. Although in our culture we're always trying to fix those flat spots, it's the source of their brilliance.

"Intuition is an inexplicable felt sense. Intuition is linking you to consciousness."


"Manifestation became such a popular topic in so many circles. It became almost a how to, you know - I set the vision, the more specific I am about the vision, the more clarity I give it, then that's a positive, and now I do my affirmations. There's this methodology but I find it to be intellectual. I find it to be lacking passion. And it's the energy that actually brings forth what you desire. You can't just think about things. Instead, there's a way of being in flow with our gorgeous universe and all of the energy and connections within it. Manifestation is a lovely place to start. But moving beyond that, you start to realize it's just so easy now. You leapfrog past that concept to more energetic alignment. You don't even really think about manifesting because you just know that it's happening. It's not the same."


"To be lucky, trust yourself and listen to your intuition. What does it mean to trust your intuition? In our cultures, we're not taught about intuition. We're not trained in intuition. We're not even 100% sure it's actually a thing. And if you ask people what intuition is, there's not a ready explanation. They'll often say that it's like a gut call. But that's not the same as intuition. What I would say is intuition is a felt sense, an inexplicable felt sense. And intuition is linking you to consciousness. It's your thread, your connection to energy, to the quantum field of information. It's your way of connecting, that is there for you already."

"Monica Laurence, Founder of Quantum Surfing"


Monica helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs accelerate their growth and maximize their impact. As a consultant or interim executive, she provides strategy and go-to-market expertise.  Through her Quantum Surfing program, she provides coaching based on a growth mindset curriculum so her clients may become predictably lucky.

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"Tavola is luxury private villa that is located here in the North of Fiji. I purchased the property in 2018. Really I've had a lifetime of connection between Fiji and Silicon Valley. I was finding that my creativity was amplified here in the islands and I wanted to share that experience with more people who are passionate about making a positive impact in our world.

Fiji is a really stunning place. The culture of Fiji is quite different from how we live and think in the West. It's more based in community. There's more of a philosophy of working to live rather than living to work. There's a real camaraderie and a sense of caring about one another. So the community in Fiji itself was really starting to shape how I saw opportunities in the world. The tagline for Fiji is "Where happiness finds you". And I absolutely found that to be true for myself. But there's also this sense of living within nature here that is so remarkable. It dawned on me after being here for two years during the pandemic that I was never without the wind. Even as I speak to you now, I'm in our caretaker cottage with louvered windows. Spaces here are open to nature and open to the environment. And so you realize that really we're completely integrated with nature. And that realization, that way of living, that way of being was also truly shaping how I related to the world. That's what led me to buy this beautiful property and convert it into a luxury getaway."

"It's possible to be predictably lucky."


"Quantum Surfing was really a journey for me, and an exhilarating journey at that. I had always been open and curious about our world. And then about 10 years ago, I had what people would call a series of awakening experiences. Kind of uncanny coincidences or unusual experiences that in our common narratives we don't have explanations for and I found it fascinating. And so I really dove into that and I started chatting with more people who were also having unexplainable experiences. I found myself wanting to know why. Why is it that we have a wealth of experiences that we can't necessarily explain? And when the experiences are so positive for us, how could we come to understand them more so that we could repeat them? Like how do we make these wonderful serendipitous experiences repeatable? And what I stumbled upon, as I've tried to understand all of this, Carol, is that it's possible to be predictably lucky."


"We live in an environment of waves. We don't experience it that way. But when we live in an environment of waves, what it means is that everything is connected. It means that your energy matters, how you show up with energy makes a difference. When you start to understand that, you cultivate your energy and your intuition accordingly. You can put those to work in such a way to have truly positive impact in the world. And as an entrepreneur, and someone who's passionate about setting people free for their genius, that was incredibly exciting for me, and that's what I call Quantum Surfing."

"How To Increase Your Luck In Business And Life"


Lauren Goldstein helps entrepreneurs shift from business operator to business owner so they can experience true entrepreneurial freedom.

In this episode with Monica, these two powerhouses jam on the quantum field and how to use this amazing scientific energy to repeatedly increase your level of success and fulfillment.

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"A fifth lucky behavior is playfulness. When we show up in a place of joy, and delight, and treasure being with others and enjoying their company, that puts out an energy that can help us go the distance together, even when everything isn't going our way.

Or when you take a personal break to engage in a lucky behavior, and then come back, something uncanny happens. In our cultural narrative, we don't have an explanation. It's difficult to fathom how going and jumping in mud puddles resulted in your next call producing $12k in revenue. Right? Yeah, I mean, it's crazy."

"Lucky behaviors seem to be the complete opposite of what we've been taught."

"Lucky people are resilient. They tend to see life in the curveballs that it's throwing as interesting and unique opportunities. They just have a different perspective. Others might say, "Oh, I can't deal with this, because it's all going haywire."
If you have the gift of being able to look at situations from so many different perspectives, when you are able to do that, that allows you to see ways through that weren't really available to you, before you were taking that perspective."
"I really had to step back when I read this tiny piece of research because what struck me is that lucky people were going about a task in a completely different way. In fact, a way that us people who have been trained as high achievers would consider to be lacking focus or being distracted. But in fact, this is kind of their secret sauce. So what's happening there? Because I'm a bit of a data wonk, it was fascinating to me that lucky people were getting quantifiably better results. They had 100% accuracy in the count of the photographs. And they did it in a fraction of the time that it would take to go through the entire paper. It's really interesting to see how lucky behaviors seem to be the complete opposite of what we've been taught as high achievers. We're taught a method for success, which I call paddling. You get from point A to point B using your own energy. It takes a lot of focus and concentration and it can burn you out, as you know, because you spend time on mental health for entrepreneurs. That is the method that we're being taught. And this method that I'm sharing is so exciting, and I call it surfing."

"When we start to understand the true nature of quantum physics we tap into a greater potential."


"What I'm really jazzed about is teaming with people to make their dreams come true. And to do that by unleashing their personal genius. When I meet people, I love to discover what it is about them that is unique and so exceptional. And then to amplify that and to give them the tools to step into the truth and the potential of their rare alchemy - that rare combination of attributes that only they have. They're the only one. This is what I'm really excited about in Quantum Surfing. So often people feel like they don't fit in - and that they're sidelined. But you know, even the people who appear to be fitting it, feel the same way. Which tells you that the model that we're in is not really nurturing us. I conclude that the model comes from beliefs that are outdated. It comes from a cultural narrative that has been handed down for generations. And that is based around this notion of paddling - working really, really hard and conventionally in order to get where you're going. But there's another model. When we start to understand the true nature of quantum physics we tap into a greater potential. Rather than paddle through waves in the quantum field, you learn how to shape your beliefs so that you can get up on a wave and actually ride it, which is a completely different experience and a lot more fun."

"Surfing in the Moment"

I had the pleasure of catching up with Robbie Samuels. Robbie focuses on leadership, and how the qualities of leadership emerge over a lifetime. So he dove in with personal questions starting from childhood that made for a delightful and meandering conversation between two friends. I share my philosophy of flexible leadership, the art of coding (I started as a computer scientist!), valuing differences like dyslexia as a window to powerful perspectives, deciphering otherworldly experiences in the context of quantum mechanics, and my passion for people sharing their unique genius with the world.
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"I think of leadership as not only leading yourself but having a vision where you're inviting other people to be on that journey with you. And you're allowing them to define themselves and their participation in that journey in a way that brings them to life, that allows them to expand and participate and be creative and inventive. This for me is leadership. It's much more of a collective and collaborative process."

"We can't underestimate the impact we have on the people around us."


"I really looked up to my uncle who I lost during the pandemic. He was a remarkable man. He was successful early on. He went to Harvard Business School, did that whole track of success, founded a company, sold the company and was completely burned out on the American rat race. So he took a trip around the world - and this was in the 70s - and when he got to Fiji he didn't want to leave. So he bought an island there, which eventually became the location for the filming of the movie, the Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields. He was really my maverick, crazy uncle, and he inspired me, inspired me to grab life and go for it. He always believed in me, always. He always had wonderful things to say. Things like, 'You're the smartest person in our family.' Do you know what it means when someone believes in you that way? You think, oh, I can believe that about myself too - because someone I admire believes that about me. And so we can't underestimate the impact we have on the people around us - our peers, our colleagues and people who are younger than us who are looking to us as mentors."


"The greatest challenge in sharing Quantum Surfing was finding the right words, to describe what I want to convey. Our language comes from our life view, our world perspective. And the language we speak carries with it cultural beliefs. And so in my situation, sharing a way of being, a way of understanding the world and finding the language to actually share it effectively. That probably took me more time than not.

I can tell you where I've landed in this moment. I call this method, this framework that I share, Quantum Surfing. When we are trained by our culture to be successful, we are being trained using a method. And we know very well the mechanics of that method - you apply yourself, you set your goals and your objectives, you marshal resources, and so forth. That's a method. But there are other methods. You know, we just rely on that method because we know it so well. And we know that if we apply ourselves and work hard that it is going to pay off. So we persist in that method. I call that method paddling, because you're only using your own energy.

But what I've been playing with over the last decade is to wonder, Do you have to do it that way? Like, maybe there's a more fun and fascinating and speedier way to do things. And that's what I call surfing. You're tapping into energy. When you show up in a way that inspires other people that makes them feel happy, you impact the people around you. That's energy and in our paddling model of getting from A to B, we don't even begin to contemplate those types of ideas. This would be a foundational example in the ideas of Quantum Surfing."

"Seek the commonalities and decipher the universal truth that supports the experiences."


"For me, there have been along the way, significant and profound spiritual experiences. Because I had those experiences, I started to seek an explanation. Part of our cultural beliefs is that everything is rational and logical. So when people share unusual, otherworldly experiences, we assume they must be imagining or even hallucinating. Instead, I decided to take the perspective that if someone is telling me they're having an experience, then I'm going to believe it. And then I'm going to try to understand what could be an explanation for their experience. This would be the way a quantum physicist works. You seek the commonalities and decipher the universal truth that supports the experiences. And so you start to understand a world of quantum reality, and you realize your energy is also part of that."


"Looking forward, I'm excited to surf with more people. It's fun. I am so passionate about people unleashing their genius. I don't want them to be held back. It's so beautiful to be able to fully express who you are. And to bring that to the world. And our word needs everyone to be in their genius. To make our place, our world, our environment sparkle. To me, what would be most rewarding would be to be giddily surfing, which in my world means creating epic-ly, with people who are also laughing in the waves."

"Discovering Personal Change and Authentic Self Expression"


James has a thriving business helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses. He's also an avid surfer. We talked about pandemic lockdown in Fiji and Quantum Surfing. Tune in to hear about uncanny coincidences and becoming predictably lucky. About adopting lucky behaviors to amplify business outcomes. And how viewing yourself as a hero on a journey gifts you resilience. A special thanks to quantum surfer Jesse Desjardins who introduced me to James.

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"One of the things I like to do is to challenge myself when something isn't going my way. It's a disappointment, it's a perceived setback, and I like to take the idea that there's a storyline happening here and that if I'm the hero in this storyline, then what is this setback teeing up that allows me to emerge later in a more self-composed, more focused, more directed, more powerful way than without this setback."
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"We don't have any sort of cultural narratives or cultural beliefs that incorporate what's happening in the quantum field."

"We live in cultures that have a certain belief, a set of beliefs around how the world works, how reality works, and those beliefs are outdated. In fact, our quantum physicists have been telling us for 100 years that we live in this weird and wonky thing called Quantum and we don't have any sort of cultural narratives or cultural beliefs that incorporate what's happening in the quantum field. And so we're kind of out of step with what's possible
In Quantum Surfing, we launch experiments to explore what's possible. The first thing we do is we start practicing lucky behaviors. And curiosity is absolutely one of those. Just allowing yourself to explore - not always to be so much in the mind, so directed, so plan oriented, so goal oriented - you know, much more aware and discovery-oriented that perhaps a child might use, before that child learned all the 'proper ways' of envisioning what's next in life."
"Adopt a lens of curiosity to imagine how all the pieces and dynamics of a puzzle may be revealing a greater opportunity, a greater whole than you ever thought possible. Get out of the stories that we tell ourselves about how we're not measuring up, we're not fulfilling the goals that we set, and instead say that there's something in here that is making my dream, my vision even bigger than I ever imagined. For me, there's kind of this combination where I do like to have some quantitative focus - and I try not to hold too tightly to it, because in my experience, as long as I'm interacting with amazing people, and I'm showing up with these lucky behaviors, then my goals routinely get blown out of the water. Like I wasn't even thinking big enough. And that can be the other side of setting goals - they can even be limiting."

"Lucky outcomes are only happening once we start practicing the lucky behaviors."

"These lucky behaviors can be learned. And as you practice them, bizarrely enough, things start to happen in your life. The beautiful thing about the Quantum Surfing practice is that because it's in cohorts, you always gather with another group of people. So each week, everyone is coming back and talking about the experiments that they launched - and then their lucky outcomes. And you would think that they're not related, because the lucky outcomes are so disjointed from the behaviors themselves. And yet the lucky outcomes are only happening once we start practicing the lucky behaviors. It seems weird, right? But when you start to see the quantum energy of it, combined with how the brain works from neuroscience, then you start realizing, 'Ohhhh, okay, actually, there's something here. We just don't have a cultural narrative or a set of beliefs that really brings that home for us." 
"It truly is a fabric of consciousness. It's like an information and energy network. And these are senses that we have. We just don't use them, and we don't even really believe that they exist, because we've never been trained to use these senses. It's no different than like, smelling or seeing or hearing. This intuition, and there are many, many different forms of intuition, is a sense. And it's fun to experiment with it.

“How to Accelerate Success through Quantum Surfing”


I had the pleasure of sharing tenets of my Quantum Surfing courses with Australian Jurgen Strauss, host of the InnovaBuzz podcast. Jurgen helps his audience build visibility, professional authority and deep connection with their dream clients. Thank you for having me, Jurgen!

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  • Luck is the outcome of lucky behaviours.
  • Our brain makes sense of its environment. It decodes all signals that it collects from the environment based on our beliefs. Therefore, what you believe to be true is true.
  • Learn not to process everything through your brain. It's not what you think but what you feel. Your intuition is what allows you to tap into the natural rhythm and timing that oftentimes go completely unnoticed.
  • Come home to yourself. Come home to a culture that innately nurtures happiness, to a place where you are fully accepted, and where there is unconditional love that allows you to just be yourself and step into your full potential.
  • Language shapes how we think. It's not just a way to communicate. Language carries an entire set of cultures and beliefs.
  • Be authentically YOU. Don't shy away from that and stop comparing yourself to others. Step into your own beauty and magic, and trust that your uniqueness is also your genius.

"Quantum Surfing in Fiji with Monica Laurence"


I so enjoyed my conversation with Sarah Fefjar, host of Greenroom Central. Sarah helps online business owners leverage virtual, hybrid, and in-person events to reach more dream clients, build loyalty, and make easier high-ticket sales. And she’s a total delight. Thank you, Sarah!

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"My favorite moments at Tavola are when the music comes on and I flip into some ridiculous dance moves that you'd never pull out because you would be self conscious, but here, you can't help but dance. You've arrived in a place where you get to be truly and wholly who you are. You're unrestrained. You're authentically you. And this is why I call Tavola a home - because you get to be who you are, honored for who you are, and more than that, loved for who you are. There aren't many spaces where we feel that way. When guests at Tavola slip into authentic self expression and delight in the freedom of the moment, that makes me happiest."

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"In fact, playfulness and connection can be the fastest ways to break through to an entirely new trajectory."


"In our custom designed retreats at Tavola, I sprinkle in a lot of playfulness. People always ask me, "Will we be journaling? Meditating? Yoga? Where's my structure?" We can do all those things. That's totally fine. But what's interesting and what I've come to understand is that playing coconut bocce ball is magic. It's not structured, especially because coconuts roll in all different directions! But it's funny, and it's playful, and it's connecting you to the people who are around you. And through the laughter that you're sharing, you're coming to know them in a way that is deeper. And you're reflecting that back into yourself. You're coming alive in a way that is more free. So this emphasis on playfulness is actually something I incorporate into the retreats. I know from a Western standpoint that sounds like we're not doing something, right? That we're not achieving an objective. But in fact, playfulness and connection can be the fastest ways to break through to an entirely new trajectory. Because that joy, that high energy, nourishes each and every one of us."


"What I discovered, Sarah, is that mixing the energies of Fiji with the driving, focused ways of Silicon Valley, was making me more creative. It was making me more open. It was giving me a broader perspective on what was possible. And it was taking me to a place that gave me joy. That made me happy. Everything started firing on all cylinders, if you will, as a result of mixing the two energies. So it was for that reason that I actually bought Tavola Fiji, because I wanted to share this energetic alchemy with other entrepreneurs."

"When you shift those fundamentals, then you come to a place of peace."


"Here in Fiji, I'm literally sitting in the jungle. You can hear the roosters and the birds, and then there's the companionship of the wind. Which is fascinating. Here, the wind is always present with me. Even when I'm indoors, the wind is coming through the louvers. There's no separation between me and the wind. And yet there's a distinct separation when you're in any sort of environment where the buildings are reinforced and have climate control. Here you're integrated with nature, and that integration affects how you feel and even how you breathe. When you shift those fundamentals, then you come to a place of peace and well being that allows you to have new insights and creativity. The nature here is so pervasive that you can't shut it out the way we're accustomed to shutting it out in our modern world."


"I think there's so many opportunities for us in life to make things that need to be done into a game. I remember when some of my early jobs were kind of boring. My mother would say, "Monica, make it a game." Transforming an irritant into a game is a way of navigating through tasks that allows you to be in a more creative and joyful energy. A really well designed, playful orientation can get you to an end goal that you never would have reached otherwise."

"Expanding Your Time"


I joined Manbir Kaur on her Growth Mindset podcast for corporate leaders. Manbir and I are members of Dorie Clark’s Recognized Expert Group. The most awesome people are in that group, and I’ve loved getting to know Manbir. I’m excited she has her podcast underway so successfully! Thank you, Manbir!

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“For me, growth mindset is never giving up on your dreams. I think that as children, we dream effortlessly. And then as we grow up, we start to become practical, pragmatic. We start to say, ‘Oh, that would be too difficult. Oh, I'm too old.’ We have all these reasons that we can't do things and sometimes we even stop dreaming at all. For me, growth mindset is about allowing yourself to dream. And as an entrepreneur, I like to make those dreams come true. So that's really one of the beliefs and desires that led me into Quantum Surfing. I was looking for more tools to make more dreams come true.”

"It's a creation method for people who are passionate about living life."


“Quantum Surfing is actually a growth mindset. And it's a creation method for entrepreneurs, innovators, global visionaries - people who are passionate about living life. It's an accelerated way to create, which is a different perspective than the conventional norms we are taught in our best institutions, in all of our corporations. And we, in mastering those conventional norms of planning and resource allocation, whatnot, we've really become what I would call expert paddlers. But what I've been experimenting with over the last 10 years is a different way of creating - a way that uses energy. And that's what I call Quantum Surfing.”


“Intuition is a sense that we have, but we're never trained to use it. We're definitely trained in our rational thinking, in our intellect. But we don't come to trust our intuition because we don't have enough experience with it. And what's interesting to me about intuition as well is that we don't have language around it. So we have a lot of language around hearing, which is a sense, or seeing, which is a sense, or even tasting or smelling. We have a lot of language around that. But we don't have language around intuition and it's quite a broad spectrum.

There's a form of intuition that I share that I call sense decisioning. It’s a fantastic way to literally expand time, to save time, to get something done without having to focus on it. By asking a feeling-oriented question, we can tap into a rhythm of right timing. Sense decisioning is a type of intuition that we have access to, and we don’t even know it.”

"By choosing to be happy, we are giving ourselves the gift of seeing the unexpected."


"In the first Quantum Surfing course I share how to be lucky. What the research shows is that luck is learned. Luck is the outcome of behavior patterns. And that specifically those behaviors are curiosity and openness, resilience, positive expectations, intuition. And I add playfulness. Because having experimented with this for a long time, I know that that's kind of the accelerator, the playfulness. 

So what can you do right now? A first thing that you can do - and some of these things are going to sound small, but consistently done they produce completely different results. One is to make the choice to be happy. It's truly a radical choice to make a choice to be joyful. The reason this is so important is because when you're in that feeling for yourself, that's what you lead with. Right? So it is an accelerator. That is one of the easiest things that you can do. 

In our environment, we have doubts, we have fears, we feel anxious. What’s happening for us when we’re in that energy, and the science shows this, is that we can’t notice the unexpected. By choosing to be happy, by showing up in a playful energy, by just letting loose a little bit, you know, by injecting some laughter, that enables us to just drop a few layers of fear, stress and anxiety. When we do that for ourselves - and this is why it's such a radical choice - we are giving ourselves the gift of seeing the unexpected. And when we are able to see more of what's truly happening, then when we start to realize that there are these serendipities, these coincidences, occurring all the time. We're not noticing them because we're kind of shrouded by being overly focused, by the anxiety. So any time you can choose to be playful is going to put you in a great position for fantastic outcomes in shorter periods of time."

“Luck, Intention and Quantum Surfing”


This conversation about Quantum Surfing with Broc Edwards, Host of the Midlife Mastery podcast, was one of my first. I love Broc’s mission - to inspire people to truly live their middle years. Midlife is phenomenal. We have all the wisdom of our adult selves. And we have childlike qualities that we left behind, and can now reclaim, to create in ways that we never were capable of creating before. It's a beautiful, beautiful time in life. Thank you, Broc!

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“Lucky people are more open as they are experiencing their environment. They’re simply open to what's there. Whereas unlucky people are overly focused on the task at hand and are constraining themselves to really be precise.”

“We tend to think of intuition as a gut call, which is almost like the beginning aspect of intuition. But gut calls are more akin to experiential reliance. And if you've seen patterns before, you're able to make a gut call based on those patterns, whereas intuition can be used by anyone.”

“What I'm sharing with you are not our cultural beliefs. It's not what we're taught. There is this way of showing up more joyfully and more in resonance with the excitement and the beauty of the quantum waves. Surfing is fun.

“​​There are a number of different obstacles that we have in our typical cultural beliefs that keep us from surfing. One is overthinking. In our culture, we have placed a very very high reliance on analysis, being analytical, logical, rational. We've mastered that and it's fantastic but it's not all there is.

"You're simply allowing all of the yummy delicious paths or waves to come your way."


“There are many rights. There are many directions you can take that get you to your end destination. And the key is really allowing yourself to dream. To dream about what's possible for you. What do you love? What are you drawn to? What excites you? And to start from that place of a blank canvas and just be present with that. You know as children, we played all the time. As children, we would daydream. As children we would imagine what we wanted to be in life. And somewhere along the line, we stopped doing that. We started becoming more goal oriented, more purposeful. Which is a powerful way of being. 

But there's a beauty that I would say is aligned with each person. And to realize the beauty, your particular beauty of life, is to allow yourself to dream as to what's possible for you. Once you have that vision, it becomes an intention. But then the patterns start to appear. So you don't need to plan the path so much. You need to have a sense of what the milestones are. But the idea of Quantum Surfing is that you're simply allowing all of the yummy delicious paths or waves to come your way. And you have it now in the context of that vision. They're not goals. They’re something that you're inexplicably drawn to. Something that you're passionate about. Something that you can't wait to make happen. Simply for the joy of it being fun, and exhilarating and exciting. And you might do it alone, or you might do it with other people. This is a way of living that is really juicy. Starting with the dreaming starts to free us from having to direct the navigation. And then we know that lots of different paths are going to get to that destination.”


“A course participant shared with me, ‘Monica, you can't imagine the difference. It's like, there was life pre quantum surfing and now life after quantum surfing.  I'm still trying to get my head around what it was that I learned per se, but what I do know is that the way that I approach life, the way that I think about my opportunities, the way that I craft what's happening for me, is completely different. And when other people show up in my life and they tell me what's possible or what's not possible, my reaction is, well, that's what you believe. People hold themselves in places that are limiting, but they're also less joyous. There's an energy that happens when you're around people who are happy, who are playful. This is something to tap into.’ Each person coming through the course has had different outcomes, but without fail, every single one has said it's completely transformative. It's a completely different perspective on how you can surf with life rather than push yourself through it.”

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