Quantum Surfing

18-Week Live Program in 6-week Installments

A shift in mindset and revolutionary method for success in life and business. Become predictably lucky. Amplify your results. Supercharge your impact. All with crystal-clear clarity and giddy delight.

Welcome... and THANK YOU!

Hi and Bula from the Fiji Islands

Welcome Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Leaders. I'm excited to share Quantum Surfing with you!

The courses - Quantum Surfing 1, 2 and 3 - kick off on June 14. On this page, you'll find powerful results from Quantum Surfers, course curriculum and course pricing with SPECIAL BONUSES.

By the way, when you buy a Quantum Surfing course, $100 is contributed to our Scholarship Fund.

THANK YOU for funding transformative mindset training for our next generation visionaries! With this shift in perspective and empowered, purpose-driven action, our world will be glittery in no time.

Surf on,

Monica Laurence, founder of Quantum Surfing
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Profound impact and joy fueled by luck and ease is closer than you think.

Get ready for results like these …
Rebecca Pan

Rebecca Pan

9x serial entrepreneur

“Quantum Surfing is transformational. Monica helped me step into my power in a much more authentic way. I walk through life with more ease. And I’m more harmonious with the world.”

Blake Fly

Blake Fly

8x TEDx speaker

“I’m surrounded by people who are operating at a level of success, achievement and fulfillment that is extremely high, but they’re not burning themselves out.”

Michael Collette

Michael Collette

4x Venture-backed founder and CEO

“Quantum Surfing is AWESOME for people who want to update and revitalize their guiding framework for success in life and business.”

Jesse Desjardins Stealth Tourism Attraction

Jesse Desjardins

Global VP

“These Quantum Surfing conversations have literally, and I think completely, changed my world. I'm not saying this lightly.”

Nick Garcia, Quantum Surfer

Nick Garcia

Venture-backed Serial Entrepreneur, Sold his last startup for $140MM

 “I used to deal with a lot of anxiety and stress poorly, and the Quantum Surfing way of thinking has changed my mental state for the better. Now I let go, and opportunities, really BIG opportunities, flow."

Arthur Orduna

Arthur Orduna

Corporate Innovation Leader and Venture Studio Head

“The sessions were really life-clarifying, and that’s not hyperbole. The big breakthrough for me was understanding that I could actually affect what I previously thought of as luck. Do yourself a favor and get on the board.”

Pam Chaloult

Pam Chaloult

Strategy Coach for Female Leaders of Social Venture Initiatives

“This is a paradigm shift. It is an expansion of your consciousness and your possibility.”

Tom Fanelli CEO Convesio

Tom Fanelli

Venture-backed CEO and Founder with multiple exits

“Sometimes you hear something fresh and new, but it feels like an age-old truth. This is the case with Quantum Surfing. Once you experience it, you can never go back to the old way of thinking.”

Is Quantum Surfing for me?

    • If you’ve been steady or stagnant and you want to jump to the next level, come on in.
    • If you deeply desire to make a difference in our world, come on in.
    • If you know you’re capable of significant impact and you’re ready to unleash your genius, come on in.
    • If you’re at a crossroads, contemplating your next venture, shaping your next chapter or considering your next professional move, and you want epic not ordinary, come on in.
    • If you’re successful but you’ve maxed out your current creation method, and you’re simply tired of pushing so hard to make everything happen, come on in.
    • If you want fantastic outcomes consistently, that even surprise you, come on in.
    • If you want to feel vibrant, lucky and empowered, come on in.
    • If you want to catch a wave with other purpose-driven creators, come on in!

If you can dream it, you can do it. (And giggle, guffaw and snortle along the way.)

Quantum Surfing is a shift in perspective

A shift that reveals clarity and taps you into lucky timing, abundance and flow.

Honestly? It’s your natural state. 

As Yoda said, “You must unlearn what you have learned.”

So stop paddling. Start surfing.

Coolio. Let’s go! So how are the Quantum Surfing courses structured?

Quantum Surfing consists of 3 live, virtual courses, all taught this year. You can commit to the first course, or dive in and sign up for all 3. 

Spaces are limited for personal attention and deep learning and integration of the concepts.

Quantum Surfing 1:
Getting Up on the Board

Quantum Surfing 1: Getting Up on the Board consists of 6 live, 90-minute sessions from June 14 to June 19. Learn to create with ease, serendipity and entertaining delight by catching quantum waves, rather than relying on your own energy alone to paddle you along. Adopt and practice the 4 lucky behaviors of openness and curiosity, resilience, intuition and positive expectations. Watch yourself become predictably lucky. Then amplify your results by being playful - which isn't just child's play. Smart people are playful, unlocking creative intelligence to tackle complex problems with facile aplomb, and easily magnetizing desirable opportunities.

Quantum Surfing 2: Balancing on the Board

Quantum Surfing 2: Balancing on the Board consists of 6 live, 90-minute sessions from August 9 to September 13. Learn to find and establish your balance so you’re firmly in your power. You’ll reform your relationship with stress. And by doing so, you gain clarity, certainty and consistent access to confidence. Delve into quantum dynamics and reshape your understanding of how we create. It is more a matter of choosing and revealing a path than making things happen. With practice you’ll develop a sensitive and calibrated sense of alignment that taps you instantly into your internal knowingness and wisdom.

Quantum Surfing 3:
Surfing to Your Target

Quantum Surfing 3: Surfing to Your Target consists of 6 live, 90-minute sessions from October 4 to November 8. Learn to be a conscious creator in our quantum reality. Now that you know how to catch a quantum wave and balance on your board, let’s get you intentionally surfing to your target. You will experience sustained connection to the web of consciousness and information network of the quantum field. By practicing ground-breaking concepts in quantum presence, you’ll be able to fluidly navigate choppy and challenging conditions, while staying focused on your target.

What do I get with the course?


Curriculum and 6 live, weekly sessions for each course, led personally by me. Ample time to ask questions and master the content. ($2,385 Value per Course)


Courses are capped, affording you individual attention and the opportunity to establish meaningful relationships with other surfers. ($1,200 Value per Course)


Recordings of every live session so you can listen again and fine-tune your mindset. ($600 Value)


Every week you’ll be paired with another Quantum Surfer to deepen relationships and practice the concepts in real time. ($600 Value)


Each course includes a journal with prompts to record your daily and weekly experiments, insights and transformations. ($50 Value)


A safe and private community hub to connect with other surfers, ask questions, compare experiences and celebrate wins. ($300 Value)


Lifetime access to the curriculum so you can refresh your knowledge over and over, when it's most relevant to you. (Value: $1,000)


A new understanding of how reality really works, gifting you ease, clarity and abundance. (Value: Priceless)


Sweet. What deal have you got for me?


Bundle of Quantum Surfing 1, 2 and 3
VALUE: $18,405 USD

3 BONUS SESSIONS - Live interviews and Q&A with Quantum Surfers ($1,200 Value)

1 MONTH FREE Surf Club Membership (Post-grad weekly surf sessions to practice together) ($350 Value)

GOLD TICKET for Fiji Retreat ($1,280 Value)



PAY IN FULL for Quantum Surfing 1
VALUE: $6,135 USD

3 BONUS SESSIONS - Live interviews and Q&A with Quantum Surfers ($1,200 Value)



PAY IN INSTALLMENTS for Quantum Surfing 1
VALUE: $6,135 USD

PRICE: $2,640 USD in 2 payments

Hey, what’s this GOLD TICKET for Fiji?

It’s your GOLD TICKET game changer. I’m hosting week-long retreats at my private villa and 8-acre waterfront estate in Fiji in November 2022. With your GOLD TICKET, you get priority booking and one night free for your week-long stay in an ocean-view private suite. Gourmet meals are included, as well as daily housekeeping, local transfers, boating excursions for fishing and snorkeling and on-site activities like yoga, kayaking and infinity pool. Check out this luxurious and transformational getaway at Stillness Retreats. Once you experience the serenity, creative sparks and rhythm of nature in Fiji, you’ll understand what it means to be plugged into your remarkable, true self.

Sounds great. Got any private sessions?

I’ve found the most profound and accelerated transformations are achieved in small groups. That’s because you’re learning from me, from the curriculum and from other surfers who are progressing through the content. 

If you would like to sharpen and personalize your skills, or learn to surf privately, I got you. 🙂 

Add private coaching to your cart when you check out. Fee is $1,200 USD for 3 hour-long sessions. You can join the group Quantum Surfing sessions and work with me 1:1 to dive deep into your dreams and vision, your business strategy, and the continual shaping of your board to navigate an abundance of opportunities.

How to kick back and level up

High achievers are drawn to Quantum Surfing. And why is that? Because they’ve mastered the game. They’ve jumped through the hoops. And they’ve had great results. Enviable results. 

But what are you REALLY capable of? Is this all there is? Or is there more? Can you transform the world? Can you do it with ease, joy and serendipity? Can you make the leap from ordinary to extraordinary?

Of course! 

But NOT with your current model. Not by working so hard. Not by neglecting your vibrant physicality. Not by sacrificing your most meaningful relationships. Not by seeking illusive time efficiencies. Not. Not. Not.  

And that’s what our conventional method demands.

Stop. Now.

Stop paddling. Start surfing.

Incredibly successful people have already discovered Quantum Surfing. They desired more clarity and balance, empowerment and impact without fatigue and personal sacrifice. Listen in and get ready for your own amplified wins in business - and in life. 

When you become a Quantum Surfer, you’re part of this potent community. Let’s get up on the board together!

Hi, I’m Monica, your Quantum Surfing coach.

Monica Laurence founder of Quantum Surfing

I’m a serial entrepreneur and conscious explorer with a passion for life. After decades as a leader in global enterprises, Hollywood entertainment and Silicon Valley technology startups, I decided to lean into my dreams. 

I tapped into flow, I nurtured my intuition and I allowed an expansive vision of life to become real. As I got the hang of surfing quantum, I caught a big wave that dropped me onto the shores of the Fiji Islands. There I created a luxe private villa and haven for global visionaries, called Tavola, named for the grandmother trees of Fiji and the table around which we gather and share stories. 

Just as the villa was sparkling and ready for a wave of international guests, the pandemic dawned and the borders closed. For 2 years. Alone in paradise, I turned to my original purpose for creating Tavola - to share the practices I had been experimenting with, that I had been putting into action and that I had been honing over the last decade. 

To share Quantum Surfing. These are the principles that brought my dreams to life. And in a nontraditional way. In an uncanny way. In a way consistent with true freedom and authentic self expression.

It took courage and resilience, faith and humor, love and gratitude. 

I would not have wished for a pandemic. Nor would I have chosen to be alone for so long. And yet the gift of that solitude and integration with nature was an undeniable personal mastery. And time. Time to curiously explore and unravel the threads of our quantum reality. 

At the outset of the pandemic some rather woo practices were working for me. By the time I exited the pandemic, I understood why certain practices and shifts in perspective create lucky outcomes and accelerate impact. It’s not woo at all. It’s quantum.

If you’re drawn to step into your next chapter, that chapter that you’ll want to read over and over, come on in. I’d love to show you how to surf.

Have questions?

Send me a message and let me know what’s holding you back. We’ll see if Quantum Surfing is right for you.

There’s still time to enroll. Still time to transform. Still time to adopt a quantum perspective.

Start surfing now.

Want to be the first to know when the next enrollment begins?


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