Leading edge innovators have already discovered Quantum Surfing.

In these turbulent times get more clarity and balance, empowerment and breakthrough impact without fatigue and personal sacrifice. Get ready for your own amplified wins in business and life. Join other visionary entrepreneurs and start surfing.

Profound impact and joy fueled by luck and ease is closer than you think.

Rebecca Pan

Rebecca Pan

9x serial entrepreneur

“Quantum Surfing is transformational. Monica helped me step into my power in a much more authentic way. I walk through life with more ease. And I’m more harmonious with the world.”

Blake Fly

Blake Fly

9x TEDx speaker

“I’m surrounded by people who are operating at a level of success, achievement and fulfillment that is extremely high, but they’re not burning themselves out.”

Michael Collette

Michael Collette

4x Venture-backed founder and CEO

“Quantum Surfing is AWESOME for people who want to update and revitalize their guiding framework for success in life and business.”

Jesse Desjardins Stealth Tourism Attraction

Jesse Desjardins

Global VP

“These Quantum Surfing conversations have literally, and I think completely, changed my world. I'm not saying this lightly.”

Nick Garcia, Quantum Surfer

Nick Garcia

Venture-backed Serial Entrepreneur, Sold his last startup for $140MM

 “I used to deal with a lot of anxiety and stress poorly, and the Quantum Surfing way of thinking has changed my mental state for the better. Now I let go, and opportunities, really BIG opportunities, flow."

Arthur Orduna

Arthur Orduna

Corporate Innovation Leader and Venture Studio Head

“The sessions were really life-clarifying, and that’s not hyperbole. The big breakthrough for me was understanding that I could actually affect what I previously thought of as luck. Do yourself a favor and get on the board.”

Pam Chaloult

Pam Chaloult

Strategy Coach for Female Leaders of Social Venture Initiatives

“This is a paradigm shift. It is an expansion of your consciousness and your possibility.”

Tom Fanelli CEO Convesio

Tom Fanelli

Venture-backed CEO and Founder with multiple exits

“Sometimes you hear something fresh and new, but it feels like an age-old truth. This is the case with Quantum Surfing. Once you experience it, you can never go back to the old way of thinking.”

Join the next live cohort of Quantum Surfing 1: Getting Up on the Board

Quantum Surfing Course 1

Learning to be Predictably Lucky

12pm - 1:30pm Pacific time
6 90-minute live sessions weekly via Zoom
September 19, 26; October 3, 10, 17, 24
Session recordings
Lucky Journal
Evergreen curriculum
Membership in the Quantum Surfing Community

Bonus #1: Quantum Perspective Workshop

The Science of Quantum to Optimize Your Results

11am - 12:30pm Pacific time
2 90-minute live sessions weekly via Zoom
October 19 + 20
Session recordings

Bonus #2: Custom Guidance

Akashic Records Session

FREE 60-minute Akashic Session
$200 credit towards a 4-hour Akashic Strategy Session to map your trajectory

Is Quantum Surfing for you?

    • If you’ve been steady or stagnant and you want to jump to the next level, come on in.
    • If you deeply desire to make a difference in our world, come on in.
    • If you know you’re capable of significant impact and you’re ready to unleash your genius, come on in.
    • If you’re at a crossroads, contemplating your next venture, shaping your next chapter or considering your next professional move, and you want epic not ordinary, come on in.
    • If you’re successful but you’ve maxed out your current creation method, and you’re simply tired of pushing so hard to make everything happen, come on in.
    • If you want fantastic outcomes consistently, that even surprise you, come on in.
    • If you want to feel vibrant, lucky and empowered, come on in.
    • If you want to catch a wave with other purpose-driven creators, come on in!

If you can dream it, you can do it. (And giggle, guffaw and snortle along the way.)

Quantum Surfing is a shift in perspective

A shift that reveals clarity and taps you into lucky timing, abundance and flow.

Honestly? It’s your natural state. 

As Yoda said, “You must unlearn what you have learned.”

So stop paddling. Start surfing.

Welcome to Quantum Surfing!

Welcome innovators, entrepreneurs and next generation leaders.
I'm excited to share Quantum Surfing with you. This is a 6- to 18-week online curriculum that teaches you how to surf quantum waves for success in life and business. And you can complement the online curriculum with Quantum Shaper™ live sessions, if you wish.

Monica Laurence founder of Quantum Surfing

I'm a serial entrepreneur and conscious explorer with a passion for life. After decades as a leader in global enterprises, Hollywood entertainment and Silicon Valley technology startups, I decided to lean into my dreams. I tapped into flow, nurtured my intuition and allowed an expansive vision of life to become real. As I got the hang of surfing quantum, I caught a big wave that dropped me onto the shores of the Fiji Islands. There I created a luxe resort for global visionaries.

Quantum Surfing is the method that brought my dreams to life. In an unconventional way. In an uncanny way. And in a way consistent with true freedom and authentic self expression. I've had a long time to research and experiment with these principles, and I can explain to you why certain practices and shifts in perspective create lucky outcomes and accelerate impact. It's not woo. It's not random. It's applied enlightenment. It's quantum.

If you're drawn to step into your next chapter, that chapter that you'll want to read over and over, come on in. I'd love to show you how to surf.

Surf on,

Monica Laurence

Have questions?

Send me a message and let me know what’s holding you back. We’ll see if Quantum Surfing is right for you.

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