Stop paddling. Start surfing.

We live in a quantum reality. Learn the rules to innovate faster with exponential impact.


Stop paddling. Start surfing.

We live in a quantum reality. Learn the rules to innovate faster with exponential impact.



Innovate faster to create ventures of impact.

Quantum Surfing is a creation method to actualize a world of potential. It's a framework that combines neuroscience, quantum mechanics and spirituality. I have a dream that in 20 years, we will look around and see that the extraordinary has become ordinary. That top creators have elevated our world by leading with transformational energy, equity and integrity.

This is a 6-week course to master the art of being predictably and abundantly lucky. In Quantum Surfing 1: Getting Up on the Board, you will learn how to get up on your surfboard to catch quantum waves. And you will connect with the creators of the next decade.


One Quantum Surfer

One Quantum Surfer

You live in a quantum world and it’s a whole new game of potential.

For nearly a century theoretical physicists have explored the proven existence of the quantum field. So why does quantum feel like a foreign concept, even surreal? Why not use the quantum field to our advantage?

You are operating with outdated beliefs. Culturally, we believe that reality is simply a matter of cause and effect. However, in the quantum field, everything is waves of energy. And, if there are waves, then there must be surfing!

Our institutions teach paddling, not surfing. You became an expert paddler by paddling harder, faster or more efficiently. Yet still, you overspend your energy and your progress stalls. The gap between science and our habits leaves too much creative potential unrealized.

When we surf quantum, we charge the wave and maximize flow. This is creative mastery. It’s powerful, effortless and exhilarating. With more impactful outcomes. It’s a whole new way of being. A whole new game.

Successful entrepreneurs possess intangible qualities, which you can learn.

Early stage startups are unpredictable and messy. This is the unique environment that breeds innovation and huge success.

Too many founders are advised by well-meaning coaches and execs who stifle pure imagination with predictable guidance. The real question is, how big is the potential of the opportunity you are tackling? And can you surf the chaos long enough to discover your breakthrough and drop in?

Research shows that innovators who deliver excellent venture outcomes possess key qualities — like a disdain for planning, lucky behaviors, an obsession with the big picture, playful intelligence, comfort with ambiguity, flow and timing, and a preference for action over structure.

You are ready to cultivate the intangible qualities of successful entrepreneurs and master the art of surfing creative chaos.

portrait of Monica Laurence

Monica Laurence

Quantum Surfer. Serial entrepreneur. Venture Investor. Global citizen. Island renegade.

Bula from the Fiji Islands. I am the creator of Quantum Surfing®, a framework of actionable philosophies I’ve honed and lived over the last decade. I draw from quantum mechanics and neuroscience, multi-dimensional perception and a determined quest for personal freedom and authentic self expression. I teach you a new way to see the world. A new way to understand your true power. And a new way to create ventures of impact.

I am a global entrepreneur, running remote teams and working around the world. I am a tech startup CEO, founder and advisor, significantly influencing and shaping 50+ startups. I am an experienced exec in technology and entertainment, as a multi-national leader at Lucasfilm, Disney and Accenture. And I am a hospitality maven, with a luxe private villa for global mavericks in Fiji.

I’ve held nearly every role in a start-up. And time and again I’ve been in your shoes. You put it all on the line. You make the risky bets, and then wonder how you’ll get yourself out of this morass. You’re too early to market with a vision that’s ahead of its time. You weather the enduring loneliness and responsible commitments of your pursuit. You fail, and then unexpectedly succeed. You drive yourself incessantly, and then try to pick up the pieces of your faltering relationships. You exit, eventually. And then you do it again. 

I want you to know, there is another way. There is another way to bring your passion and vision to life. Your authentic calling that can shape our world. You are more powerful than you think. All it takes is a shift in perspective with a spirit of adventure and playfulness. A shift that enables you to surf quantum waves.

Catch a wave.

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