Transform how you create and recognize opportunities.

10 years ago, following years of success as a serial entrepreneur and corporate executive, I started weaving spiritual concepts and ideas from neuroscience and quantum mechanics into my entrepreneurial initiatives. In addition to all the methods I had mastered, like Lean Startup concepts, business models and venture funding, I started to hone new capabilities and senses, like intuition and lucky timing. Over the last decade, I completely shifted my perspective as to what is possible - and how to reliably execute on that potential. This perspective and creation method is Quantum Surfing. In Quantum Surfing online courses and complementary Quantum Shaper live sessions, I train you how to understand our quantum reality and master your energy to surf quantum waves to your desired destination.

Shift your perspective to have success with less effort and more impact.

We live in a quantum reality. But we fail to realize the potential of that truth because our outdated cultural beliefs hold us back. We don’t have a practical framework for understanding how quantum really works. Rather than take advantage of the momentum and energy of quantum waves, we paddle. In Quantum Surfing, learn how to stop paddling and start surfing.

3 pillars of quantum surfing diagram

Our human experience exists in the context of quantum reality, consciousness and nature. We are never separate from this immersion. Our intuition is our connection to consciousness, a vast web of information. Our actions impact the natural world around us. And our mindset and beliefs have the opportunity for upgrade by understanding quantum reality. As we uplevel in each area, we become a creative force. We become a Quantum Shaper, an expert in using personal energy to create results with impact.

Start by adopting lucky behaviors, the fastest way to catch a quantum wave.

pillars of quantum surfing course

3 levels of courses over 5 months, available self-paced with the option to add on Quantum Shaper™ live groups.



Learn to create with ease, serendipity and entertaining delight by catching quantum waves, rather than relying on your own energy alone to paddle you along. Adopt and practice the 4 lucky behaviors of openness and curiosity, resilience, intuition and positive expectations. Watch yourself become predictably lucky. Then amplify your results by being playful. Being playful is not just child's play. Smart people are playful, unlocking creative intelligence to tackle complex problems with facile aplomb, and easily magnetizing desirable opportunities.




Learn to find and establish your balance so you’re firmly in your power. You’ll reform your relationship with stress. And by doing so, you gain clarity, certainty and consistent access to confidence. Delve into quantum dynamics and reshape your understanding of how we create. It is more a matter of choosing and revealing a path than making things happen. With practice you’ll develop a sensitive and calibrated sense of alignment that taps you instantly into your internal knowingness and wisdom. That’s foundational balance.




Learn to be a conscious creator in our quantum reality. Now that you know how to catch a quantum wave and balance on your board, let’s get you intentionally surfing to your target. You will experience sustained connection to the web of consciousness and information network of the quantum field. By practicing ground-breaking concepts in quantum presence, you’ll be able to fluidly navigate choppy and challenging conditions, while staying focused on your target.



Online course materials, 6 weeks of email prompts for each course, an invitation to join an online community of visionary creators like you, and a Quantum Surfing Journal.

Start today, and later deepen your practice of Quantum Surfing by joining a Quantum Shaper live group cohort.

Define and experience success on your terms.

Don’t work harder, sacrificing more or missing out on time with loved ones. Instead, be calm and centered. Focus your energy and experience fluidity. In the Quantum Surfing and Quantum Shaper™ curricula, you learn how to use your energy to create effortlessly.

Quantum Shapers™ learn to live, work and thrive effortlessly.


  • Clarity resulting from instant access to intuition and deep knowledge
  • Genuine confidence derived from certainty and trust in oneself
  • Stronger relationships resulting from being more present
  • A beloved relationship with self, reflected in an alert mind and a valued body
  • A feeling of being lighter in body and soul
  • Deep gratitude for the exquisite gift of being alive
  • A sense of transformation. It’s hard to remember how you used to think things worked.

How can you get great results?


  • They are curious, open, inquisitive
  • They practice and experiment every week
  • They set the intention to expand
  • They solidify their gains in Quantum Surfing 1 by continuing the course curriculum
  • They are dedicated to mastery of the concepts

Make sure you have the time and attention to invest in Quantum Surfing. These are revolutionary concepts that will feel foreign until you get the hang of them. Give yourself time and space to play with these new ideas.

How are the courses structured?

Each Quantum Surfing course is designed to be completed in 6 weeks. This pacing gives you time to both practice and integrate the new ideas. Feel free to self-pace. You may find you desire longer with each course. If that’s the case, listen to your intuition and progress at the pace best suited for you.


Course materials, to which you have ongoing access.

Weekly emails to guide you through the course materials

An invitation to a curated community of visionary creators, like you. Amazing people from around the world enroll in Quantum Surfing. Be active in the online community and reach out to fellow surfers.

A Quantum Surfing Journal to record your lucky experiments and coincidences. Your journal is a daily practice. During the course you’ll look for lucky coincidences in your life. Set aside 30 minutes each day. And do it daily. Because you’ll forget lucky breaks if you delay.

Start becoming lucky today.

Quantum Surfing 1: Getting Up on the Board is a 6-week course to master the art of being abundantly lucky. It is a combination of applied enlightenment and mindset training, enhanced by insights from neuroscience and quantum mechanics.

This course will teach you how to get up on your quantum surfboard. If you choose to continue with Quantum Surfing 2, you’ll learn how to balance on your board. And eventually you’ll learn how to cut and carve on quantum waves. Just like surfing.


WEEK 1: Welcome + Lucky Curiosity
WEEK 2: Shaping Your Board
WEEK 3: Lucky Resilience
WEEK 4: Lucky Intuition
WEEK 5: Lucky Expectations
WEEK 6: Power of Play

Plan on 6 hours per week to progress through the course. That’s 2 hours with the course materials, and 4 hours weekly to launch experiments and record in your Quantum Surfing Journal.

By the end of the first course …


You will adopt behaviors that amplify your luck and opportunities.

You will replace rigid assumptions that no longer serve you.

You will shift how you view circumstances to discover hidden opportunities.


You will learn to think with positivity and potential, rather than stress and limitation.


You will learn how to navigate your world intuitively, as well as analytically.

You will navigate your days and decisions with joy and delight.


You will experience the quantum truth that there is more to our world than meets the eye.

You will learn to tap the power of play for connection and impactful outcomes.

You will meet and create relationships with other visionary Quantum Shapers impacting our world.

Who is Quantum Surfing for?

This is a course for serious creators. It’s a course in mindset and applied enlightenment to convert dreams into reality. It’s a course for open-minded people who suspect there’s more to life than what we’re taught. It’s a course for those who are capable of adopting beginner’s mind, thus shedding cultural limitations. And it’s a course for visionaries who want to have impact.


Venture-backed entrepreneurs. Solopreneurs. Founders.


Corporate leaders. Senior executives. Producers.


Transformational coaches. Executive coaches. Leadership coaches.


Purpose-driven creators. Innovation executives. Disruptors.


Storytellers. Musicians. Athletes. Directors. Actors. Designers.

The best time to enroll in Quantum Surfing is when it feels right for you. Make sure you have the time to devote to the concepts and practice. For many, Quantum Surfing is ideal for transitions - when you’re dreaming of what’s next, when you’re digesting what just was, when you’re shaping a next phase of life, when you’re desiring a skip level opportunity, and so forth.

Spin through profiles of surfers to see if this community resonates with you.

✖︎ Who is Quantum Surfing NOT for?

This course is not for you if…

  • 😖

    You're a naysayer, committed over-thinker or grumbly groucher. The first principles of being lucky are curiosity and open-mindedness. We are not here to convince you that this knowledge is powerful.

  • 👻

    You’re not willing to diligently engage with the materials. Review and listen to the materials, launch lucky experiments and discover how the ideas best work for you.

  • 🎧

    You're not willing to give the materials your full attention. When you enroll you’ll have access to course materials. Make sure you review and listen to the relevant materials. Weekly prep takes ~2 hours.

  • 🍀

    You’re not willing to welcome in luck by conducting lucky experiments.

  • 📝

    You’re not willing to record your lucky coincidences daily. Keeping the daily log requires about 30 minutes per day.

If you do decide this course is for you, you will be embarking on a transformational journey. A journey that not only opens your eyes, but allows you to create with intention in flow. Along the way you will have the opportunity to connect with incredible people, and create relationships that will shape your life.

What makes the Course special?

You will be surrounded by inspiring, ambitious and accomplished creators shaping our next decade and beyond. The method you’ll learn is revolutionary. You will see a completely different way to perceive and understand our world. It’s akin to that moment in time when humanity realized that the world was round rather than flat. That eliminated many beliefs that were disproved once we realized the truth. Learning how to create in the quantum reality is similarly profound. This is an inflection point.


    • I want next level impact without wasting my energy.
    • I want significant growth in my business without burning out.
    • I want to feel consistently energized, present and delighted.
    • I want to be in the flow of seeing my dreams become reality.
    • I want to easily navigate challenging and choppy environments.
    • I want to enjoy my life while creating my next big thing.

You’ll discover a new and effective model of success that requires less effort. You’ll find a centered way of being that breeds calm, confidence and clarity. You’ll cultivate a relationship with your own inner knowing, deep wisdom and guidance. With this revolutionary perspective, you’ll have the opportunity for impact and success on your terms.

I share Quantum Surfing online courses and Quantum Shaper live sessions so entrepreneurs and innovators can realize their dreams and have greater impact with ease, joy and delight. I’m excited by your dreams. Our world needs your dreams. And I’m thrilled to share a method and tools with you to bring your dreams to life. Plus, we’ll have lots of fun together along the way.

Monica Laurence

🎉 I'm in! What's next?

If you're ready to create on a new playing field — a quantum field that reshapes your day-to-day reality, welcome. You will train yourself to be lucky, which research shows is not random but a set of learnable behaviors. You will learn how to create in flow and apply enlightenment principles to your business for expansive growth and impact. And you will meet other bold and visionary leaders operating at the edge of quantum creation. Welcome to Quantum Surfing and the start of an incredible journey.

Catch a wave.

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