Meet Monica Laurence

Founder of Quantum Surfing. Serial entrepreneur. Global ventures. Island renegade. Your surf coach.
About Monica Laurence, founder of Quantum Surfing

Bula from the Fiji Islands. I am the creator of Quantum Surfing, an online curriculum and framework of actionable philosophies I've honed and lived over the last decade. In addition, I offer Quantum Shaper® live sessions to activate and amplify your mastery of the Quantum Surfing principles. In the Quantum Shaper live sessions you put Quantum Surfing into action, in teams with other creative visionaries and global leaders.

I draw from quantum mechanics and neuroscience, multi-dimensional perception and a determined quest for personal freedom and authentic self expression. I teach you a new way to see the world. A new way to understand your true power. And a new way to create ventures of impact.

I am a global entrepreneur, running remote teams and working around the world. I've been a tech startup CEO, founder and advisor, significantly influencing and shaping 50+ startups. I’ve been a multi-national leader in technology and entertainment at Lucasfilm, Disney and Accenture. And I am a hospitality maven, with a luxe private villa for global mavericks in Fiji. Check out my website.

I’ve held corporate leadership positions and nearly every role in a start-up. Time and again I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve stressed about deadlines. I’ve missed big goals. I’ve made risky bets, and then wondered how I would get myself out of the morass.

I want you to know, there is another way. There is another way to bring your passion and vision to life. Your authentic calling that can shape our world. You are more powerful than you think. All it takes is a shift in perspective with a spirit of adventure and playfulness. A shift that enables you to surf quantum waves.

I look forward to meeting you and surfing quantum together. Here’s to your success!

Monica Laurence

Catch a wave.

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