Innovate faster to create ventures of impact.

Quantum Surfing is a creation method to actualize a world of potential. I have a dream that in 20 years, we will look around and see that the extraordinary has become ordinary. That top creators have elevated our world by leading with transformational energy, equity and integrity.


This is a 6-week course to master the art of being predictably and abundantly lucky. In Quantum Surfing 1: Getting Up on the Board, you will learn how to get up on your surfboard to catch quantum waves. And you will connect with the leading creators of the next decade.

Learn how to create ventures of impact by discarding outdated beliefs and adopting lucky behaviors.

We live in a quantum reality. But we fail to realize the potential of that truth because our outdated cultural beliefs hold us back. Rather than take advantage of the momentum and energy of quantum waves, we paddle. In this initial Quantum Surfing course, learn how to stop paddling and start surfing. Get up on the board by adopting lucky behaviors.

Transform how you create and recognize opportunities.

10 years ago, following years of success as a serial entrepreneur and corporate executive, I started weaving spiritual concepts and ideas from neuroscience and quantum mechanics into my entrepreneurial initiatives. In addition to all the methods I had mastered, like Lean Startup concepts, business model canvas and venture funding, I started to hone new capabilities and senses, like intuition and lucky timing. Over the last decade, I completely shifted my perspective as to what is possible — and how to reliably execute on that potential. Now I conceive and execute swiftly, powerfully and with delightful serendipity. This perspective and creation framework is Quantum Surfing.

By the end of the 6-week course …

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You will adopt behaviors that amplify your luck and opportunities.


You will replace rigid assumptions that no longer serve you.


You will shift how you view circumstances to discover hidden opportunities.


You will learn to think with positivity and potential, rather than stress and limitation.


You will learn how to navigate your world intuitively, as well as analytically.


You will navigate your days and decisions with joy and delight.


You will experience the quantum truth that there is more to our world than meets the eye.


You will learn to tap the power of play for connection and impactful outcomes.


You will meet and create relationships with other visionary Quantum Surfers who are shaping our world.

Who’s the Course for?

This is a course for serious creators. It’s a course in mindset and applied enlightenment to convert dreams into reality. It’s a course for open-minded people who suspect there’s more to life than what we’re taught. It’s a course for those who are capable of adopting beginner’s mind, thus shedding cultural limitations. And it’s a course for visionaries who want to have impact.

🌏 Entrepreneurs

Purpose-driven creators. Self-funded or venture-backed founders. Contemplating or actively working on a business.

📈 Innovators

Corporate innovation executives, leaders, disruptors.

🎨 Creative Artists

Producers, directors, storytellers, actors, musicians, designers.

💎 Visionaries

Accomplished people seeking to leave impact and legacy.

❌ Who’s the Course NOT for?

This course isn’t for you if …

😖    You’re a naysayer, committed over-thinker or grumbly groucher. (The first principle of being lucky is curiosity and open-mindedness!) We are not here to convince you that this knowledge is powerful.


👻    You’re not willing to show up for our live, online sessions. We meet for 90-minutes via Zoom every week. In the sessions we discuss and practice the concepts presented in the course materials.


🖥    You’re not willing to prepare for our live sessions in advance. When you enroll you’ll have access to course materials. Make sure you review and listen to the relevant materials prior to the live discussion. Prep takes 1 to 2 hours.


💡    You’re not willing to welcome in luck by conducting lucky experiments.


📝    You’re not willing to record your lucky coincidences daily. Keeping the daily log requires about 30 minutes per day.

If you do decide this course is for you, you will be embarking on a transformational journey. A journey that not only opens your eyes, but allows you to create with intention in flow. Along the way you will have the opportunity to connect with incredible people, and create relationships that will shape your life.

What’s in the Course?

This is a 6-week course to master the art of being predictably and abundantly lucky. It is a combination of applied enlightenment and mindset training, enhanced by insights from neuroscience and quantum mechanics. The 6 weeks together will be the start to inspiring and meaningful connections with other Quantum Surfers. This course will teach you how to get up on your quantum surfboard. If you choose to continue with Quantum Surfing 2, you’ll learn how to balance on your board. And eventually you’ll learn how to cut and carve on quantum waves. Just like surfing.


The course consists of:

🗣 6 live sessions. You'll receive recordings of the live sessions.

📚 Course materials to which you have lifetime access.

📒 A Quantum Surfing Journal to record your lucky experiments and coincidences.

👫 A curated community of visionary creators, like you.

Click here to view the week-by-week curriculum and purchase the course.

When does this Course meet?

This course meets for 6 live sessions. We meet via Zoom for a 90 minute session every week — 5pm San Francisco, 8pm New York, and 11am the following day in Australia.


The next kickoff date for Quantum Surfing 1: Getting Up on the Board is:

🗓 Tuesday, January 25, 2022

What makes the Course special?

Quantum Surfing courses are by invitation. Beyond adopting an empowering quantum perspective, you will be surrounded by inspiring, ambitious and accomplished creators shaping our next decade and beyond.

🎉 I'm in. What's next?

If you're ready to create on a new playing field — a quantum field that reshapes your day-to-day reality, welcome. You will train yourself to be lucky, which research shows is not random but a set of learnable behaviors. You will learn how to create in flow and apply enlightenment principles to your business for expansive growth and impact. And you will meet other bold and visionary leaders operating at the edge of quantum creation. Welcome to Quantum Surfing and the start of an incredible journey.

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